Thursday, 23 September 2010

I heart Eyeko!

I'd heard about Eyeko products from a few bloggers and decided to head over to the Eyeko website to see what all the fuss was about and found that I instantly fell in love with the majority of their products! I would've bought all of their nail polishes if money wasn't so tight but after alot of umming and ahhring I eventually decided on Posh polish, a gorgeous chic taupe shade. Nude polish, a stunning pinky beige and as I'd spent over £10 I received a free Rain polish, a sparkling grey/blue hue. I also bought the Eyeko shopper which was £5 and will be my new gym bag once I stop being such a lazy cow! The polishes are £3.50 for an 8.5ml bottle and I have to say they're worth every penny! Each bottle has a quirky label giving it a cheeky character all of it's own. From Saucy polish, a vibrant red for naughty nails to Punk polish, a hot pink for nails with attitude, you'll want to buy the whole collection!
I've also got my eye on the Magic mascara, Indigo, Tea rose and Vintage polishes and the Fat balm which should be available in September 2010, so, with only a few more days of September left hopefully I won't have to wait too much longer.

Here are a few pictures of my purchases. I've been wearing Rain polish ever since!

L-R Rain Polish for city nails, Posh polish for ladylike nails and Nude polish for perfect nails.

My new favourite nail polish (sorry Barry M) x

The Eyeko shopper £5

I love Eyeko products. One of my favourite bloggers called Gem Fatale compared Eyeko to Benefit Cosmetics just much more affordable and I agree! It's a fun, girlie makeup range with a retro feel. The products are great quality with prices to match!

I heart Eyeko!!!!

You can check out all Eyeko products by clicking here


Wednesday, 22 September 2010



Well this is abit scary isn't it!!

My names Victoria and I'm 27 years old. I have been a lover of fashion and beauty blogs for a while now and thought I'd quite like to have my own little space where I can come and talk about fashion, beauty, style and anything else that takes my fancy with like minded people and hopefully make some friends in the process.
I'm forever trying out new products, skincare especially as I've always had troublesome skin and like to try everything and anything that might help me have skin thats as soft and blemish free as a babies bottom.
I spend more money than I earn on make up and never leave the house without having most of the contents of my makeup bag stuffed inside my handbag! I also love fashion and will admit to being a serious shopoholic. I follow trends if I happen to like them but i'm not a trend whore. If I liked how I looked in a shell suit then I'd still wear it no matter what anyone else thought (thank goodness I dont!!) I have a major handbag habit that i'm trying to support and have more than I need or could ever use but then doesnt every girl?! I also have an evergrowing addiction to nail polish! I love nude shades and I hope that the 'greige' trend never goes out of fashion although I'm hearing whispers that it already is!
I'm really looking forward to being able to discuss my purchases on my blog and getting feedback on what does/doesnt look good, a bit like a big girls version of show and tell!

Anyway I dont want to ramble on too much in my first post. Just wanted to take my new blog out for a spin, get a feel for it and say hello.

Bye for now.


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