Tuesday, 18 January 2011

H&M beauty buys and this tarts dream boudoir.

Hi everyone,
So sorry for being a terrible terrible blogger over the last couple of months. There are a multitude of excuses reasons but I won't bore you all silly with those so lets get down to the good stuff!

I've mentioned in previous posts that I tend to stick to brands I know. I'm the same with skincare, haircare, makeup even perfumes. I know what I like and I rarely venture away from my usual products which is a very boring way to be but on the rare occasion I do try something new it's nice to be pleasantly surprised!
Whilst pottering about like an old biddy in H&M, I wandered into their beauty section and noticed an array of gorgeous nail polishes. I can't get enough of creamy taupe shades at the moment and they had plenty to choose from. On finding they were only £2.99 to say I got a little over excited would be an understatement. I could have easily bought one in every colour but even at £2.99 to buy the whole collection would have come to.......*thinking*........*thinking*.......well maths was never my strong point but let's just say a fair bit and I'm trying to behave myself after splurging at Christmas.
I settled for a soft dusky pink called Get a Rose 4 Me and a very sparkly champagne shade which has a hint of silver called Wawawoom although in the photos it just looks gold! Both are really nice shades although the Wawawoom goes on better than the pink shade. They both need two coats as one doesn't give a good enough coverage and looks quite watery.
I also bought a palette of four neutral eye shadows in Biscotti Dreams. I have enough brown eyeshadows to last me a lifetime but that doesn't stop me buying more! Like the nail polishes, the eyeshadow palettes were also only £2.99! I wore the cream one and lightest brown shade today and although they're not the greatest quality eyeshadow I've ever used, at £2.99 they are good value for money.

After my H&M super splurge I headed to Ikea. It's not unusual for me to spend 3 hours in Ikea and come out with a desk tidy or pot for my toothbrush and this visit was no different. I bought a tub. Not just any tub. A tub for all my new nail polishes.

Here are a few pictures of my Ikea adventure! This bedroom is exactly how I want mine, it's so cute and cosy. Hopefully next month this dressing table will be in my bedroom. I doubt all my lotions, potions or cosmetics will fit inside the tiny draws but I love it all the same.

I was nattering to Katie from Okay Tea? on Twitter about how much fun it is playing house in Ikea. Much like the scene from 500 Days of Summer although I was all on my lonesome and didn't get to smooch Joseph Gordon Levitt during my trip which was very disappointing! Maybe next time!

How's everyone enjoying the New Year so far? I always feel a bit miserable once Christmas and New Year are out the way. There's such a build up to it and then it's over in a flash.
Have any of you girls tried the H&M polishes? What are your thoughts? This is my first time trying them and I'll definitely be going back for more.



  1. Have you ever moved furniture around in Ikea to build your perfect room? That is when the fun starts!!

    And take a bag with your personal belongings so you can test your newly built room! Sit and read a book and look at people disapprovingly as they walk past...


  2. Next time I'm definitely bringing a suitcase and possibly the cat. He's going blind and has to get used to the layout of a room. It's loads more fun causing chaos in Ikea when you're with a friend. I was by myself so was on my best behaviour:)

  3. totally forgot H*M do cosmetics! These look pretty rad xx

  4. Same here. I never really thought about trying their cosmetics. Want to try topshops offerings in makeup at somepoint but it's alot more pricey! Seen a lovely denim blue nail polish!! xxx

  5. loving the gold polish,and the ikea bedroom is sooo nice,gotta love ikea :)


  6. The gold polish really didn't look gold when I bought it and when it's on it's got loads of different brownish/taupeie tones to it. Even noticed a slight copper sparkle in it today but in the photo it just looks plain gold!:D
    I noticed when I was on your blog that we have exactly the same shade H&M eyeshadow palette! Great minds think alike ay!!!
    Thank you for commenting Kate xxx

  7. Nice beauty products - I'm totally going to check out H&M now. LOVE the blog too x

  8. Hi Lovely,
    I tagged you in my latest post 10 Things I Love..


  9. Hi,

    Could you tell me where did you buy your makeup table? I loved it

  10. Such lovely nai polishes, especially the Rose 4 Me one! Plus that furniture is so cute!

  11. Just wanted to say that I have been reading loads of old posts for about an hour and wanted to say that I really love your blog. Also I love H&M nail varnishes and their lipglosses are good as well. I bought 'Midnight Passion' a while ago and have been wearing it ever since.

    Love Zee


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