Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Leatherprince @ Etsy

I'm so excited to be writing this post about a fantastic shop I came across on Etsy called Leatherprince which sells a range of accessories all beautifully handmade from real leather and each embellished with a cute and colourful character.
Leatherprince are a husband and wife team also known as Beon and Candy who currently reside in Taiwan. Between them they design, handcut, hand stitch and handmake every item they sell. Not only are they amazingly talented but since I was lucky enough to chat to them via Etsy, they are also the sweetest couple!

Being obsessed with Pugs I was first tempted by their handmade Bobby the Pug keyring which I received yesterday! The intricate handstitching and quality of the design stand out a mile in the pictures but once your character of choice arrives you'll be amazed by the attention to detail that goes into each and every stitch.

Here are some of the other cute characters you can find at Leatherprince!

Sakura the Geisha Doll
Bobby the Bee

Winny the Turtle

Ronnie the Raccoon

There are so many designs to choose from and some like Laura the Elephant, Sakura the Geisha Doll and Taka the Ninja come in a variety of colours so if you're anything like me the only trouble you'll have is trying to pick your favourite!
They also do custom work too! For example, if I wanted a larger version of Bobby the Pug then I'd just have to contact the couple via their website or Etsy shop and pay the extra charge that would apply for having a BIG Bobby!
Their prices are very reasonable and keyrings range from approximately £10 to £12 with larger designs coming in at just over £17.

Here are a few other accessories in their range;

Kelvin the Monkey coin purse in blue

Bobby the Pug purse in Red

Huggo the Hippo iPhone case in pink

If you'd like to visit Leatherprince's Etsy shop click here

My personal favourite arrived yesterday. It took 7 days to get here from my order date which was quicker than I expected as you should always allow for anything up to 14 days for something that's coming from the other side of the world. I mean I waited 30 days for my h&m order and that was only coming from the other side of London!! Anyway......The packaging was simple and cute with a personal message stamped on the back of the envelope saying "Thank you for your support" which bought a smile to my face. I also received a free ballchain with my purchase incase I wanted to use Bobby as a bag charm instead of a keyring which is a fantastic idea! I also did the 'sniff test' and I can confirm that it is definitely top quality Real Leather (any excuse to partake in my very strange habit of smelling real leather! I love it :o) I paid £11.60 for Bobby the Pug and  £2.27 for shipping from Taiwan to here in merry old England which is fantastic value for money!

I have fallen hook, line and sinker for these cute little characters but not only them, it's lovely when you find people that obviously love what they do, put so much time, effort and thought into their work and are also the nicest people you could ever hope to come across and Beon and Candy of Leatherprince deserve every success!
I'll definitely be back for more as my mum, sister and I all have our own personal favourites which will make perfect little prezzies for birthdays or Christmas!

You can also check out the Leatherprince blog here (keep an eye out for their VERY cute cream Dachshund called Mao Bao!)


Also, you can click here to read a feature on Beon and Candy in 'Quit your day job' by The Storque, Etsy's handmade blog which tells you about how they met, what made them decide to join forces in business and their hopes and dreams for Leatherprince.

I heart Leatherprince!!!!!



  1. Oh wow! How cute are these!! Loving the turtle one!!! :D
    thanks for sharing :) xx

  2. No problem. There are at least 5 on my must have list and one is definitley Winny the turtle. Josie the Bassett Hound is really cute aswell!!

  3. these are adorable! I love coming across blogs that have found unique things. Thank you for sharing :)



  4. Thanks Ellen, Leatherprince are definitley unique and they sell the cutest things I have ever come across! x


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