Saturday, 2 October 2010

Models Own goodies.

I'm always the last person to catch onto any up and coming trends or new brands doing the rounds (not a good start for someone attempting to be a fashion and beauty blogger!) but I do get there eventually!
I'd noticed Models Own products mentioned on a number of beauty blogs but last week was the first time I got to try some of their products myself.
If you follow me on twitter you'll probably know I was having a nightmare trying to stay connected to the Models Own website via my computer and even did a late night dash to my sisters house to see if I would have better luck with her internet connection but alas, no connection so no online shopping! Booooo!
I was determined to get my paws on the purple grey polish and take advantage of the deal that was available on the website, which I believe is still going strong if you fancy taking a peek at the website then simply click here
Buy any 3 polishes and you'll save £3 and if you buy 5 you save £7. All polishes are £5 so if you buy 3 ,as I did, you'll only pay £12 instead of £15. That's a good saving, better than a slap in the face as my nan would say!
If I'd been quicker off the mark I could've taken advantage of the HUGE 50% off discount that was on only a couple of weeks previous! Grrrrrr!!! Gutted I missed that!
Finally ,with bum cheeks clenched, I was able to stay connected to the website and order 3 nail polishes (purple grey, nude beige and gold digger), an eyeshadow brush set which was £7 and I received a free black kohl eye pencil with my order which would've cost £5. With all discounts taken into account, the grand total of my order came to £19 with free postage and packaging.
I waited about 5 days for it to be delivered and once I had my greedy mits on it I was amazed at how beautifully it was packaged.
Packed into a black box were the 3 nail polishes, each wrapped in little bubble wrap pockets, along with my eyeshadow brush set and black eyeliner, all of which were surrounded by bright pink tissue paper whilst my invoice was neatly tucked inside a very stylish black envelope (which my mum has kept!)

Here's a little picture of the cute packaging!

Models Own goodies

I was a little disappointed to find that the eyeshadow brush set was missing the blending brush but after a quick email to the Models Own Customer Service team I was sent one a couple of days later.
I'd been looking for a decent eyeshadow brush set for ages as most of mine were cheap and falling to bits so how happy was I to come across this professional looking and affordable set by Models Own!
For £7 you get an angled brush made with firm but smooth sable hair, a shading brush made from super soft pony hair and the allusive blending brush also made from pony hair. That's a fair bit of pony hair! I hope there aren't any bald ponys trotting around just so I can have a snazzy brush set!

L-R Angled brush, blending brush and shading brush.

I've used all 3 of the nail polishes and I am seriously in love with purple grey! I only have a shiny topcoat at the moment but I am dying to get a matte finish topcoat which I think will give the shade a completely different look.
I've also been hunting for some months now for a gold polish which looked as good as the gold Minx nail foils and although I dont think i've found the exact match just yet I'm really impressed with gold digger. When you apply it it looks like how I imagine melted gold would look. Really stunning!
I'm now looking for a gold shade that's a bit more glittery what with the Christmas party season coming up! My friends and family are all too aware that I must have festive nails at Christmas time!
The only shade I wasn't overly impressed with was nude beige. It's a nice enough colour but I prefer deeper nude shades like Barry M's polish in Mushroom or Eyekos Posh polish whereas nude beige is much more subtle.

L-R Purple grey, nude beige and gold digger.

Purple grey. From this picture you can't really appreciate the grey aspect of purple grey but there's a very noticeable misty grey hue to this shade. My new favourite!

Gold digger

The only thing I haven't tried yet is the black kohl eye pencil but that's only because I haven't had a decent night out in ages and I don't wear eyeliner during the day.
It's a double ended pencil with the eyeliner at one end and smudger on the other to perfect your look and as an extra little surprize, on the lid there's a built in sharper so really it's 3 products in one and well worth the £5 I would've paid if I hadn't got it for free!
All in all, I LOVE my Models Own goodies and I'll definately add this brand to my trustworthy regulars! I even find the nail polishes easier to apply than my Nail Inc. ones and they also seem to stay on longer and chip less than some of the slightly more expensive brands. The one and only down side is that they do have a super chemically whiff to them, more so than other polishes but thats only a small gripe with an otherwise fantastic bunch of polishes. Models Own.....I'll be back for more!

Bye for now



  1. The gold colour is amazing. I've got an illamasqua not unlike that always makes me feel like Mombi from Return to Oz.
    The packaging really is sweet. It's been ages since I got anything through the post, so may have to order some more of these guys. I can never find the purple grey in the shop and it looks gorgeous!


  2. I love getting parcels through the post! I'm forever buying little trinkets off ebay just to keep a constant stream of prezzies arriving at my door! It's a terrible addiction!
    I think the purple grey polish even sold out on the models own website a couple of days ago although its back in stock now. I've definately not been able to find it in any of my local boots shops that stock models own products. It really is a beautiful shade. I'll have to check the illamasqua gold polish out. Ive never bought anything from them before.

    Vic x

  3. Oh I want the Purple Grey! But I fear my obsession with nail paints is getting out of control...
    Can't believe I wasn't following you either! *runs to follow* haha xxx

  4. Thank you Emma, the more the merrier! My nail polish addiction is out of control aswell! I even had to buy a bigger box for my ever growing collection the other day!! I'm not ready for rehab just yet though, I still need more!!! :) x


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