Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Rimmel Londons Pro Matte Topcoat review.

Hi ladies and gents,

As you may know I am currently fully encouraging a serious nail polish addiction. It's been an obsession of mine for so long that when my nails are bare I feel like there's something missing in my life! Like when you forget to put on that item of jewellery you ALWAYS wear!
I'm quite happy to stick to my favourites day in day out but then that wouldn't be very interesting to write about!
I've heard a few bloggers mention a matifying topcoat that's been doing the rounds so I thought I'd give it a whirl to see if it's as good as everyone says it is!
So with my last few pennies in hand I marched into Boots and bought Rimmel Londons Pro Matte Finish Topcoat which was recommended to me by Gem Fatale. I did have a look around at the other makeup stands but Rimmel seemed to be the only brand doing a matte topcoat! Surely that can't be?!
Luckily for me Boots are in the middle of a discount frenzy (3 for 2, buy one get the 2nd half price, savings galore!) so I managed to bag it for £3.49 instead of £4.49!

I used it on three of my favourite polishes. Barry M's Nail Paints in Grey and Mushroom and also Models Own Purple Grey which was the colour I was most excited about trying the matte finish on!

I didn't apply a base coat as I was being impatient and just wanted to get the colour slapped on so I could see this magical topcoat do it's thing but a base coat always helps the colour go on smoother and protects your nails from staining. I'd recommend two coats of your chosen shade as the coverage and overall look is better than with just the one and once both coats are completely dry you can start applying the matifying topcoat!
The Matte Finish brush isn't like a normal nail polish brush. Its much bigger with harder bristles but it's so easy to apply and with just two strokes I had covered the whole nail and within seconds you notice the matte effect appearing.

Here are the results!

Left - without matte finish, Right - with matte finish.

Without matte finish

With matte finish

The Matte effect gives each shade a velveteen appearance. I especially love how the Purple Grey shade looks, it really shows up the greyish hue of the colour and reminds me a little of the frosty effect you get on Christmas baubles. It actually gave my Barry M's shade in Grey more of a denim-ie hue than grey which was unexpected but I really liked the effect.
I applied it this morning and noticed throughout the day that any scuffs that appeared on the topcoat can be buffed away with your finger!

I was curious to see how the matte effect would alter a more sparkly shade like Models Own Gold Digger and these are the results shown on two giant fingers!!!!

Without matte finish.

With matte finish.

Not that I would probably ever use it over the top of a shimmery colour like gold, it definitley looks better with certain colours but you can see that is has completely taken the sheen and sparkle away from the shade and given it a subtle frosty look.
I've only tried this effect on a couple of my favourites but I'm quite excited to see how certain colours like black, hot pink or ruby red will look once they've been matified!

If you are contemplating trying the matte effect look on your nails then I'd highly recommend Rimmel London's Pro Matte Finish for the job as it's reasonably priced and gives nails a new look without spending lots of money like you would on products like Minx or Konad nails.

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  1. Aaah I just bought that. Haven't tried it out yet though! I love how different it makes the colour, means I don't need to buy more nail paints...maybe... :) xx

  2. It does give colours a completely new look. I'm still a glossy girl myself. Love a glossy set of talons but I loved the effect on the three colours I tried, especially purple grey xxx

  3. Ah, I like this a whole lot! The first picture with the matte finish looks awesome. I'll have to try that :)

    KF x

  4. It does give your nails an instant new look if you're getting a bit bored of the colours you have.
    I've just noticed in the first picture that I look like I have a bow finger! Freaky!


  5. I bought this matte polish this weekend and I love it! It's such a good idea. x

  6. Thank you for this! I kept getting reviews for US brands and nothing that was available here. Going to buy this next time I'm in town. Superdrug have a three for 2 on ALL make up right now, dangerous, but wonderful!


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