Wednesday, 13 October 2010

A little treat for the cold nights!

Hi dudes and dudettes,

If, like me, you hate that the nights are getting darker, colder and damper and you can't wait to get indoors of an evening and snuggle up with a nice hot drink then I must share this delightful treat with you! If you follow me on twitter you may have noticed me rabbiting on about how delicious white hot chocolate is, is!

My cousin recently introduced me to Whittard of Chelsea's White Hot Chocolate! I know there are a couple of different brands out there that do their own version of this flavour but personally I believe that you won't taste better than the Whittard of Chelsea version. It's so fluffy, creamy and of course delicious, it reminds me of a mug full of melted milky bars!

White Hot Chocolate 400g - £5

My local Whittard of Chelsea in Bluewater closed down over a year ago and I haven't seen a new one pop up so other than hopping on a train to one of their many shops in Central London I thought it'd be easier to order online.
If you want to find your nearest Whittard of Chelsea you can do so on the website via a store search but if, like me, you don't have a local shop, fear not as they will bring it straight to your door!

Currently on the website there's an offer of 3 for 2 on all Hot Chocolates and Instant Teas. There are alot of different flavours to choose from and as one description sounds as good as the next I found it quite hard to decide on just three! In the end I went for three hot chocolates but if you're feeling particularly wild you could always mix it up a bit and have instant teas and hot chocolates!

Here are my choices!

My picks; White hot chocolate, Cinnamon hot chocolate and Coconut hot chocolate.

At £5 each for a 400g tub and taking the 3 for 2 offer into account I got three delicious flavours for just £10! Although the postage and packaging was £4.50 and bumped up the total quite a bit in the end!
I will definitely be buying more White Hot Chocolate, not sure about the Coconut flavour and I haven't tried the Cinnamon yet but it smells gorgeous! With my next order I might even treat myself to a bag of mini marshmallows to sprinkle on the top which are only £3.50! Yum!

Here are a few more Whittard of Chelsea goodies you can find on the website.

Strawberry flavour White Hot Chocolate 400g!

Mini Marshmallows £3.50

Strawberry & Blueberry Instant Green Tea 250g - £5 (included in the 3 for 2 offer)

Traditional Irish Cream Ground Coffee 120g - £4

I hope you've found something here that will tickle your taste buds! If you'd like to see what other tasty treats Whittard of Chelsea do then simply click here to visit the website!


  1. My gosh have I got a craving for hot chocolate now... these all sound delicious! Must find my local Whittards. x

  2. They really are! I've just ordered another 3 white hot chocolates for a friend and my sister! :)

  3. I looooove white hot chocolate! My mum ran out of coffee and tea the other day, and said my abandoned sachet was the only thing left to drink. She said it tasted horrible, like candle wax, haha. She has no taste!

  4. I must admit I have tasted another brands version of white chocolate and it was disgusting because they tell you to make it with water!! Yuk! When my cousin made me try Whittards version I couldnt believe how yummy it was!


  5. the white choclate is the best thing ive ever tasted !


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